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I don’t remember how I miss you

It’s funny how you forget how wonderful someone is.

I happily welcomed home one of my Amandas afar, which is all I’ll ever get from now on.  Oh, what a happy heart have I. Never was there a more wonderful person. Seriously, there are perhaps three or four people on the globe that I am so close to.  One of them I am happily married to, the rest live in either another state or country.

So I am happy.

So much so that I really don’t have much else to say.


A change we need.

And no, for once, I’m not talking about politics.

I’ve decided to make the switch for good this time. I’m leaving Xanga. I’ve already migrated a few of the posts over, though I’ve got a lot – a LOT – left to do.

I’m not sold on the design I have at the moment. That’s probably going to change. The black I had beforehand was old and tired and needed to go, though.

I know that a good deal of the people who did read my blog probably won’t now. But that’s okay. If it’s not worth an extra click or two it’s not much of a loss.

I’m in a big transition mode right now, and there are a great many things in my life that I need to change and can’t. But the blog I can change. I can change it and I need to change it and I will. I am.

I did.


My photos. My life.


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