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Today was the first day of being at home with Josh all day.

Job hunting is never fun, but I do love having him here. I like waking up to his face and having lunch together and watching Lucy cuddle with him in the big chair.

The big kids brought home their school pictures today too. Seeing those pictures every year makes me realize how big they’re getting. I wonder how they’ll remember these days when they’re older. Max is EIGHT. Eight years old. I can’t believe it most of the time. I wonder what kind of people they’re becoming and I wonder if they know how much I love them.

My parents were good parents. I know now that I was loved beyond imagination. But looking back, I ached for something…I still don’t know what. I want my kids to never doubt. Not for a second. Although truth be told I’m sure I’ve already failed at that. I suppose every kid feels like that at some point. Or maybe I’ve just always been needy.


My photos. My life.


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