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Hey, remember me?

I’m still here.

The past week that I’ve spent in the bookstore has really opened my eyes to some things about myself. It’s been a challenge and a strain, readjusting my life. It’s been a nice strain.

I’ve thought, more than once, about the books that surround me. So many words, so many stories. Seriously, HOW can I have anything more to say?
Nevermind that I still have no clue what any book I would write would be about…what can I say that hasn’t been said? There really CAN’T be anything new under the sun. Truly.

Max starts school tomorrow. He is excited and maybe a little nervous, as evidenced here:

“Dear God,
I know you are alive, but, uh, I have something to ask you [this is how Max begins his prayers every night. I neither know how this originated nor what the aforementioned question is, because it never actually gets asked].
Thank you so much for my Mom and Josh and my Daddy and Annamanda and Nana…
Thank you for all of the people and all of the houses and the cars, and all of the things that are free…
Please be with all of us and help me to not to be scared, and help me not to get in trouble because I’m a good boy.
Please don’t let Ava get in trouble because she’s a good girl too.
And I love you God and I like you God and Amen.”


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