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Today is as any other day.

We went to Corinth this weekend, where I got to see my sister and Dan’s sister and meet Javeed and Noah for the first time.

If my uterus were not currently occupied, I would be well on my way to making it so, after a few hours with that sweet little man.

Josh has been so sick. He went to the doctor today, and I’m hoping that he’ll be on his way to getting better soon.

Oh, so about the Thanksgiving lunch.

We were late. Josh had gotten stuck in a meeting, we were late leaving Jackson, and so Ava’s 10:40 lunchtime (which was a lofty goal anyway) was simply out of reach. We made it into the cafeteria with about 10 minutes left in her lunch period, we thought.

No Ava. No Ava’s class.

We thought maybe they were in the classroom, so we trekked down the hall.


We tried the cafeteria again, and this time – standing next to her teacher with her thumbnail in her mouth, wearing a red shirt that said “HAPPY” when she was clearly anything but – was the saddest kindergartner in the land. My kindergartner.

We wove through the aisle and called her name, but she didn’t hear us. I finally came up behind her and tugged a little on her shirt, and when she turned around, it was like we were offering water to a man in the desert. She didn’t believe it was us.

It was truly one of the more pathetic things I’ve seen in my life. I felt about … well, not very tall.

Her tears dried and we got to hold her hands and walk around with her for the five or so minutes before Spanish class. All was forgotten, but I still felt – feel – like dirt about it. Poor little girl with the crocodile tears.


Keep looking up.

There are better horizons to be found.

I have a feeling more people than I know need that right about now. It’s true and it will keep being true. Let’s not forget that.

Not today.

I’ll tell you tomorrow how we were late for Thanksgiving lunch today and made Ava think we abandoned her.

It all turns out ok in the end, though.

1. Shut up.

2. Seriously. Shut up.

3. I feel like we aren’t friends anymore, and that makes me sad.

4. If you continue on your current path, people will continue to care less and less about what eventually happens to you.

5. Everything in the world is not about you. This is, but not everything else.

6. You’re becoming less who I thought you were and more someone I always dreaded knowing.

7. Moving away really opened my eyes to the people who truly care about me. They aren’t who I would’ve suspected.

8. I’m trying to decide what sort of celebratory drink to have smuggled in to me at the hospital once this kid is born. Right now, I’ve settled on a Big Gulp full of margaritas. I will certainly change my mind.

This concludes today’s book of random.

I have heartburn so fierce it’s melting my esophagus.

Because you wanted to know that, right?

The weather the last couple of days has been crazy. At first it was all, HURRICANE’S COMIN’, GUARD YOUR LOVED ONES FROM THE COAST AND OFFER THEM SHELTER, and now it’s, excuse me, what did you say? Hurricane? What? Surely you jest. Here are some blue skies and breezes, after all, it’s Sesame Street’s birthday.

Crazy, I tell you.

I want so many things. Not things things, but….eh, later.

My photos. My life.


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