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Don’t tell

Have you ever been to PostSecret?

I’m betting you have. If not, stop reading this right now and click that link.

Years ago – I forget how many now – I found that website. It was not yet the huge phenomenon it’s since become, but it was no less special.

It became part of my weekly routine, to read the secrets on Sundays and spend time reflecting. I’m not ashamed to say that some of those secrets felt more worshipful to me than any time I’ve ever spent in church.

I’ve sent in secrets, sure I have. None of them have ever been published, either on the website or in any of the books, but it was exhilarating sending them out into the open.

There are lots of websites dedicated to cleansing ourselves of our secrets, and most of them are wildly popular. TrueMomConfessions, which spawned a whole slew of spinoffs. Millions of people have read the PostSecret website, and contribute regularly in several ways. One of the most popular things on a message board I used to frequent was the “confession” thread, where we all took turns anonymously posting dirty, silly, or earth shattering secrets.

Why do we, as a species (?), find such catharsis in keeping secrets? In letting them out? In reading the secrets of other people we will never meet?

Under the cover of anonymity, we become so honest.
It’s not practical, I guess, to do that every day. Some things just can’t be disclosed, I suppose.

But what if we could? What if you could call up your spouse or your mom or your boss and tell them that secret you’ve been keeping since grade school?

I think the human race would be a great deal kinder if we were all just honest and open.

Tell me a secret – post it anonymously, or be bold and try out the honesty theory.

Or tell someone who really matters.


This image was stolen shamelessly from this week’s postsecrets. I think it’s ok that I stole it.


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I'm a wife, a mother, and many other things. I have blogged my life for over six years now, and this blog is the culmination of several blogs. In other words, I'm trying to get it all together. Bear with me.


3 thoughts on “Don’t tell

  1. I have very few secrets b/c I just tend to speak my mind… which is probably why most people dont like me b/c most people want you to pretend.

    Secret: I am sincerely irritated at my preacher and church right now and its one of the reasons Im not going. I find it so hypocritical to tell people that you are having money problems and then you go out to eat – and not fast food… and to pull out your new IPAD at Bible study, and show off all the new games/cds, etc that you constantly have lying around… not to mention that you put up pictures all over facebook of you at the State game. And then the next day, the church gives you a pounding – even though you’ve already been here since September…… and not one single person has supported our adoption financially – I mean, its really not about the money or gifts or anything…. but not one single dollar has come from our church…. did I mention that our car just died and is not fixable, our transmission on the van just had to be totally replaced and our kids were just involved in a bad wreck… and not one single person has offered to help out – even with babysitting? And it really hurts that the church didnt even offer a shower or welcome-home party for Wallace… like I said, not about the gifts, but maybe just be happy for us. So I stopped going to church, unless Daniel teaches – Im tired of “playing games” – and when I mentioned this to the preacher, he emailed me a lecture about how Im not in God’s will b/c Im not going to church.

    Do rants count as secrets? I hope so….

    Posted by Addie | April 11, 2011, 10:18 am
  2. Addie, I know how you feel.

    I’m so sorry your church “family” isn’t being supportive.

    I often wonder how people can justify identifying themselves as a minister or even just a believer when so little concern and effort is directed at ministering and caring for others.

    I love you.

    Posted by emylibef | April 11, 2011, 10:34 am
  3. I often wonder what my life would be like if my
    laziness hadn’t exceeded my potential.

    Posted by Dan | April 11, 2011, 12:22 pm

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