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Let’s talk about hair.

It’s been over two years since my hair was professionally cut. Probably significantly longer.
I don’t say this proudly or shamefully, it’s just a fact.

Typically my hair grows and grows until I either get tired of the length or it gets too hot for long hair. I never seem to have an interesting haircut, it pretty much stays the same every time.

Confession: I’m lazy when it comes to my hair. I never learned to properly work any hair accouterments except the blow dryer. Flatirons, curling irons, rollers – I seriously have mental issues.

I’m okay with that, though. I don’t have to be all made up or glossy – I’m not that type. However, since my hair has no natural wave or body (it literally just hangs, that’s why 9 times out of 10 it ends up in a bun), I’m thinking of layers or something. Not sure. I know that according to hair wisdom I should just go for a pixie cut and be done with it. I’ve done that before, though, and something about my face + body doesn’t like that style. I end up looking like a transvestite with boobs.

It’ll be a while anyway, I just chopped it a couple of months ago and I can’t even pull it up yet.

I’m curious, though – what is awesome and easy that you like to do to your hair? Ideas needed. I’m not squeamish.



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I'm a wife, a mother, and many other things. I have blogged my life for over six years now, and this blog is the culmination of several blogs. In other words, I'm trying to get it all together. Bear with me.


One thought on “Superficial

  1. I dont know if I can see you with a pixie cut… the last time I saw you, your hair was around your shoulders and seemed a bit layered – I thought you looked so good!

    Have you ever thought about color? I think you would look fantastic with some chunky highlights

    Posted by Addie | March 31, 2011, 1:32 pm

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