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I said I have a list,

and I do, but today I have a greater cause.

My friend Addie is a good person. Many of the people I know have never met Addie. You are a worse person because of this, but today I am offering you a chance to better yourself.

Please go to Addie’s blog here. Addie and her husband Daniel, along with their two children Gabe and Emma, have made the decision to internationally adopt.

This is huge, brave, and wonderful. And not enough people care or support them. This, at the moment, is the only way I can help.

Addie has a photography business. This is her website. She’s wonderfully gifted, and guess what? All of the proceeds from her pictures go to help bring their far away baby home more quickly. Go look, and get her to make some pictures for you if you so need.

If you don’t need pictures, and you don’t read blogs, remember my friend Addie. I don’t mind if you don’t pray, everyone believes in some kind of goodness. That goodness that you believe in? That goodness is what I’m talking about. Please send some her way, in whatever form.

Thank you.

Until next time.


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I'm a wife, a mother, and many other things. I have blogged my life for over six years now, and this blog is the culmination of several blogs. In other words, I'm trying to get it all together. Bear with me.


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