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The Graduate

photo(2) It’s like I almost don’t remember you being so small that you “wuh’ed” your r’s or pronounced your sister’s name “Aaaah-vvaaah”, but it doesn’t seem right for you to be so100_4273 big, either.

I’m going to try not to get into the big, sappy, “my-how-much-you’ve-grown” too much, because next month is your birthday, and there’s time enough for that then.

Instead I’m going to focus on just how proud I am of you. On just how far you’ve come.

Josh and I talked the other day about just how amazing you are and how much you’ve accomplished. You’ve had obstacles to overcome in your tiny lifetime, and situations have often not been the easiest for you. You have a sensitive and caring heart, one that is huge for your growing little body, and one that will desperately and devotedly love as you are gifted to know how to do already.

You are brilliant – let me say that again – brilliant. You are also, may I say, awesome. You are the only kid I know who could hold his own with a used car dealer. You are also the only kid I’ve ever known who could successfully convince his teachers to allow him to replace playground time with computer time. You’d probably at this point have managed to successfully combine the two if I’d given you my laptop months ago like you’d asked for. You’d have probably been the only kid at school with a computer bag and a latte. Your teachers have told me over and over what a joy you are to teach, what a smart and inquisitive little boy you are. Mothering magazines and articles have told me over and over that video games and computers and TV all that will make you dumb – well, I will admit it, I’m guilty. What mother can deny her child access to his best friend? I never claimed to be the best mother in the world, and, after all, Mario is your best friend in all the world. But you are as far from dumb as far can be. You are one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and you’re only getting smarter. I will say, though, that I hope you don’t read this for a few years.

Who am I kidding? You’re probably reading this from the playground. I’ll probably get a text from you in a few minutes. “hey mom i rd ur blg. we hv 2 tlk.”


I love you so much.

100_4287 I have never ever been so proud of anything or anyone as I am of you. And yes I said that to your sister, but I mean it just as much to you as I did to her. And yes, mothers can do that.

Love, Mom


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