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Life gave me lemonade, and I can’t imagine why

Lots of things are happening this weekend. Lots.

Well, lots of things are happening on Sunday.
Not much else is happening the other days. Prince Caspian comes out today. That’s important. However, due to the children in theaters and the fact that we avoid that whenever possible – as a matter of fact we avoid OTHER PEOPLE in theaters whenever possible – so we probably won’t see that anytime soon.
Anyway, Sunday.

Max will graduate from kindergarten. In just a couple of months he will be in FIRST GRADE. How did that happen?

Josh and I will have been married for two years on Sunday.  It doesn’t seem that long, and yet it seems so much longer.

And….my sweet baby girl turns FOUR YEARS OLD. Four. I cannot even fathom that. She should still have fuzzy halo hair. And a binky.

We’d planned to try and squeeze in a party but with everything else and the fact that this is the last year we’ll probably be able to get away with it, we’re going to wait and do another joint Ava/Max Birthday Bonanza a la 2007. That was fun, right?
Next week will be a busy post week. Each of these things will get its own post. And pictures. This post is just a warning. A preparation. A reflection. And a musing on how blessed I actually am.

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I'm a wife, a mother, and many other things. I have blogged my life for over six years now, and this blog is the culmination of several blogs. In other words, I'm trying to get it all together. Bear with me.


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