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It’s a danger every man should be aware of

Tuesday night, Max and my mom (mind you, my mom who – when I was a growing tyke – would’ve sent me to my room for saying “fart”) were sitting comfortably in the green chair in Mom’s living room, perusing a coloring book and discussing the pictures. They happened upon a rendition of a bear in swimming trunks who was – as rebellious young bears sometimes do – quite blatantly running past the well-displayed “No Running” sign at the swimming pool.

They paused to discuss this situation.

Granna: Now see? He’s running, which he should not be doing.

Max: Well why? Why is he running?

Granna: Well I’m not sure, I only have the one frame. I don’t know the whole story.

Max: Why does it say no running?

Granna: Because at the pool, it’s wet, and if you run, you could fall. And if you fall, you could get really hurt – you could break your arm, or your neck, or just, you know, get really hurt.

Max: Oh, yes, you could. And also, Granna, if you’re a boy, you could break your balls.

Obviously, nothing gets past my son. Nothing. So don’t even try.


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